Serenity Ring.


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“ Those born with the Qualities of A Conqueror understand the truth behind the Ring of Serenity. What is that truth? Perhaps that not all deserve a crown such as this, perhaps that many grasp at it, but fail. If you are wise enough, may serenity grace you when you don this iron.”



The work begins with maximum boiling, bringing the metal to its purest form, ensuring a clean, strong stone. This is a technique of power and blesses the skull with the essence of fire.


As the melting gives protection, the craftsman also gives his soul to the skull. The formation of the stone requires torching and boiling as the elements come together; but to be extraordinary, the skulls demand blood and sacrifice. The smiths work, every detail small carved with a great deal of blood, sweat and the mastery of a true professional.


The devil’s in the details my friend, the true spirit is to master the lessons and let the universe reveal itself.



Weight 1 kg
Ring Size

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 7, 8, 9


925 Silver, Pewter




Rings that are less chunky and sit more flush to the thumb are best. The knuckle is the widest part, so bear this in mind when measuring. Once you’ve got the ring over the knuckle it’ll be secure.


Index Fingers


If you look at your hand, you will see and feel that the index finger tends to have a more flesh on the base of it. This means that any ring you order will fit rather snug. We often suggest increasing your ring size by +1 size which will allow you to bend your finger.


Middle and Ring Fingers


Watch out for the knuckle on the fingers, especially if the finger is narrow at the base. When choosing rings for these fingers, remember that if it comfortably slips over the knuckle, it will be far too big for the base and will more than likely swing around the finger.


Pinky Fingers


These fingers need extra attention because people tend to lose their rings off of these fingers all the time – especially when hands are cold or wet, or going in and out of pockets. The rule is to wear it as tight as comfortably possible and still be able to bend your finger – if it’s too tight, it’s better to loosen it than lose it.


Your fingers can shrink the summer and expand in the winter.


The main reason why your fingers expand and shrink is because your body reacts to temperature changes in your surroundings. When you are in a cold environment, your body tries to keep your core warm by constricting your blood vessels and reducing the flow of blood to your skin. This process is called vasoconstriction. It is necessary because heat is lost from your skin to the environment, so your body tries to reduce the flow of blood to your extremities, especially to your fingers and toes. This causes your fingers and toes to shrink, so if you are wearing a ring on your finger, it will become loose.

The opposite happens when it is warm outside. Your body tries to cool itself by dissipating heat through your skin, in a process we are all too familiar with: sweating. As the external temperature rises, your blood vessels dilate, so that your blood flow increases and the excess heat in your body can be released into the environment through your skin. This is known as vasodilation. This dilation causes your fingers and toes to expand, so if you are wearing a ring, it will suddenly become a lot tighter.

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6 reviews for Serenity Ring.

  1. Jason

    Got the rebel ring first, then I got the sugar skull ring. Now this. The consistency in quality is fantastic. I’m going to fill my fingers with all these rings.

  2. Sam

    The ring feels just heavy enough to make you know the material is of good quality. I won’t hesitate to buy more.

  3. Chris

    Wow, I’m blown away. I’m actually getting people’s attention mostly while shopping, I’ll hand someone a credit card and what’s that or I can see them take a second… look so much fun.

  4. Mark

    The payment process and communication was smooth. I had no problems getting the ring either.

  5. Ben

    This is one of the best and coolest rings I have ever purchased. I get so many compliments on it. I purchased a 12 and it fits my right index finger perfectly. This is the finger I had purchased it for. Love it!

  6. Rocket scientist

    This was actually better than I first expected. Nice comfortable fit and very masculine appearing.

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