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Till Death Couple Rings

This romantic handmade sterling silver skull ring is a true symbol of eternal love. Handcrafted with expert care and attention to detail, this one-of-a-kind ring is the perfect accessory for any couple who wants to show off their love for each other in a unique and meaningful way. Wear it as a symbol of your own eternal love, and let it be a reminder of the strength and devotion that lies at the heart of every lasting relationship.

weight Bonnie: 30g. (Depending on size)

weight Clyde: 46g. (Depending on size)


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$125.00 - $350.00
Material: 925 Sterling Silver (Free Shipping)
Bonnie: 5
Clyde: 7
Regular price $350.00
Regular price Sale price $350.00
Regular price $350.00
Regular price Sale price $350.00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Xan G
happy customer

These ring has a solid feel to it, seems well made. It's got a unique look and it’s comfortable on our hand. Been wearing it regularly and we are happy with it.

Walt F
Well made

I'm impressed by the style of these ring. It's different from the usual stuff and feels well made. Wearing it a lot and it still looks new.

Vern E

These ring is both cool and unique. Never seen anything like it before. Feels solid on our hand and it's been comfortable to wear. Really stands out.

Wes M
Better than expected

Usually, I don't bother with reviews, but this ring? It’s much better than I expected. The quality is top notch, really nice. And the design? It's unique and bold, exactly my style. Thinking about buying a few more. It has a good weight to it, feels like it's made to last.

Glen Y

The ring is cooler and of better quality than it looks in the picture. It's got a bold, different design. Feels solid and weighty. Wearing it is comfortable, the inside is smooth, and the band is tough, maintains its shape.