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Slipknot #3

This ferocious handmade sterling silver ring is inspired by the heavy metal band Slipknot and their iconic masks. The bold design features a skull with the band’s logo, surrounded by intricate details that capture the intensity and aggression of their music. Handcrafted with expert care and attention to detail, this one-of-a-kind ring is the perfect accessory for any Slipknot fan who wants to show off their love for the band in style. Wear it as a symbol of your own rebellion and strength, and let it inspire you to embrace your inner metalhead.


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Regular price $210.00
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Customer Reviews

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Lukas Müller
Heavy duty cool

Got this Slipknot ring and it's heavy duty cool. The skull detail's on another level, and it's got some heft to it you know it's not some cheapo ring. Wearing it around, feels like I'm part of the crew, legit.

Ana Novak
Elegantly bold

This silver ring is just so elegantly bold. Ive been wearing it for quite some time and it continues to make a statement. Your service and the quality of your products are topnotch.

Priya S
So cool

Man, this ring is so cool, it's got that Slipknot vibe all over it. The skull ain't just some lame print it's got depth and stuff. Quality feels solid, like it ain't gonna fall apart if I drop it or something. Wearing it makes me feel kinda badass, not gonna lie.

Efe Baran
Well built

This ring has a unique charm to it. It's different and feels well built. Been wearing it a lot and it's comfy. Really stands out from the usual rings.

Finn O'Sullivan

This Slipknot ring is like a piece of heavy metal heirloom. The craftsmanship on the skull is insane, feels like it's straight from one of their album covers. It's heavy, in a good way, and it's sure to last through countless concerts and events. Showing this off makes me feel like a true part of the Slipknot family.